Mathematica Pannonica
Founded in 1990 by I. GY. Maurer (Hungary) & H. Sachs (Austria)

Aims and Scope

I. Gy. Maurer
Mathematica Pannonica is a peer-reviewed mathematical journal devoted to the publication of high quality research papers on pure and applied mathematics. The journal was started in 1990, and brings out two issues per annum. Mathematica Pannonica ISSN are: 0865-2090 (Print) and 2786-0752 (Online). The idea of launching a high level international mathematical journal in Austrian-Hungarian cooperation stems from late professors I. Gy. Maurer (1927-2012, Hungary) and H. Sachs (1942-2013, Austria). As a result of their initiative the first volume of Mathematica Pannonica was published in 1990. One year later, in 1991, professor G. Tironi (Italy) joined the "Founding Fathers" and the journal has became a truly "Pannon" scientific journal (comprising the historical regions of the ancient Pannonia Inferior and Pannonia Superior). The aim of launching this journal was emphasized in the Editorial Preface of the first issue as reads:

"Our primary aim is to serve the mathematical community. At the same time it is not a secret that by organizing this journal we wish to contribute to the upgrading of the once flourishing network of cultural ties in the Central European Region."

This specific aim has unquestionably been reflected in the composition of the Editorial Board of the journal in the past two decades.

From 2021, the journal will be published under the title Mathematica Pannonica New Series, as one of AKJournals: [url].
Editors, Advisory Board



Managing Editor:

Honorary Editors:

  • R. ISLER, Trieste, Italy
  • S. KOMLÓSI, Pécs, Hungary
  • G. PILZ, Linz, Austria
  • G. TIRONI, Trieste, Italy

Advisory Board:

  • G. BOSI, Trieste, Italy
  • M. BREŠAR, Maribor, Slovenia
  • A. JÁRAI, Budapest, Hungary
  • V. KRČADINAC, Zagreb, Croatia
  • P. OMARI, Trieste, Italy
  • S. SZABÓ, Pécs, Hungary
  • J. THUSWALDNER, Leoben, Austria
  • F. WEISZ, Budapest, Hungary

Honorary advisors

  • J. ALBRYCHT, Poznań, Poland
  • W. BRECKNER, Cluj, Romania
  • L. REICH, Graz, Austria
  • P. RÉVÉSZ, Budapest, Hungary
  • F. SCHIPP, Pécs, Hungary
  • Vl. ŠČURIĆ, Zagreb, Croatia
Instructions to Authors
Authors are asked to submit their papers to Mathematica Pannonica New Series: [url].

Submission of a manuscript implies that the work described has not been published. Papers should be submitted in duplicate in one of the following languages: English, French, German, Italian. Authors are encouraged to submit their papers electronically using any form of TeX or LaTeX (via e-mail). Manuscripts should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief. Papers are accepted only in the case of proper grammatical use of the language. Shorter articles (of not more than 12 typewritten pages long) and those likely be accessible to a wide range of mathematicians will be given preferential consideration by the Editorial Board. Authors are asked to enclose:
  1. AMS Subject Classification;
  2. Keywords;
  3. Abstract;
  4. An Abstract for Zentralblatt für Mathematik.
In general the headings Theorem, Lemma, Corollary, etc. should be set in boldface followed by the formulation in italics. Authors are encouraged to mark widely/commonly accepted mathematical notions in their paper by writing them in italics, while notions initiated/introduced in the paper by sansserif. References should be listed in an alphabetical order, preferably according to the following pattern:
  • For a paper in a journal: COHN, P. M.: An embedding theorem for free associative algebras, Mathematica Pannonica 1/1 (1990), 49–56;
  • For a book: BLASCHKE, W.: Ebene Kinematik, Oldenburg, München, 1956.
Instead of reprints the authors will obtain the pdf-files of their contribution. All papers will be checked for possible instances of plagarism and self-plagarism.

Code of conduct and best practice guidelines for Mathematica Pannonica: [URL]

Volume titles in pdf:

All published volumes are available for download: